Photo by: Kirk Howard Copyright© 2007

I have spent the last few nights working on a project for my wife. She is a school teacher and she has a weekend news report segment that everyone participates in on Mondays.

She and I take pictures of what we are doing on the weekends. She then makes a slide show on her MacBook and then shows her students every Monday. It is always a hit with the kids. I wish I had my wife as my teacher when I was in elementary school, she really makes learning fun.

However this week since it is Christmas… I mean Holiday season, and this will be the last week of school before the winter recess. My wife has requested pictures of holiday displays and lights. I have spent the last few evenings freezing my arse off in what feels like sub-artic cold. The other night I took pictures until my hands nolonger had any feeling.

I managed to capture a few good images. The best time to get the images is just a few minutes after sun set. The sky still has great light. The brightness of the bulbs are offset by the ambient light in the sky. Also there is not such a stark contrast between the bright lights and the black night. Unfortunately, time is short before your surroundings go black and everything gets blown out.

Photos by: Kirk Howard Copyright© 2007

effulgence – a shining forth brilliantly; brightness; splendor (noun) the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light [syn: radiance]

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