Brain Scan

I was reading my current issue of Popular Photagraphy, yes, yes, don’t laugh I was reading. Well, what was I saying oh yea! I was reading PopPhoto and came across an article on a new company that is providing a scanning service. OK, if time is money what is 24 cents worth to you? You will want to check out ScanCafe’.

In the past I would take my slides to have them professionally scanned an it would cost me a fortune. Now there is a online service that will offer Professionly scanned images for $.24 per image. This company will even do some minor color corrections and touch-ups.

According to the web site :

The ScanCafe Revolution

ScanCafe is a revolutionary company that is turning the negative scanning, photo scanning, slide scanning, and photo restoration business upside down.

First, you only pay for the scans you want to keep (50% minimum of scanned images). Thus, we have eliminated pre-sorting. This means you no longer have to spend hours sifting through vast negative, slide, or photo archives to determine which images are worth scanning. Simply put everything in a box and send to us.

Second, we are unique because our photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning, and photo restoration services are a fraction of the cost of historical scanning services. Our free value added photo services include manual color correction, cropping, and scratch removal. Whether you are
digitizing slides, negatives, an photos to pass along to family members, creating slide shows for a big event, or simply protecting your memories against natural disasters, ScanCafe will deliver superior results for you. read the article here

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