Copyright© 2007 Kirk Howard
Tripod, monopods choose your weapon…

One of the most important items in the arsenal of a photographer is a tripod. In photography, a tripod is a three-legged stand for a camera, used to stabilize and elevate the camera. The word stabilize rings loud in my mind. Unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod with me on our tour of William Randolph Hearst’s San Simeon home.

I spent the last weekend in Cambria and San Simeon, with my sister, her son and my wife. We all went for a tour of Hearst Castle. We decided to embark on the Tour number two. All of us had already been on tour number one. Tour two is 95% and inside tour of Casa Grande, and mostly on the second and third floors. The California State Parks Service will not allow the use of camera flash inside any of the buildings. You are forced into using available light only.

Copyright© 2007 Kirk Howard

My sister and I had an opportunity to go back and do the night tour. If you ever get the chance I recommend the night tour. It is a longer tour and the interior of the rooms are better lit then during the day. The art work and tapestries’ are more vibrant and colorful. I didn’t have my tripod on this tour either.

Copyright© 2007 Kirk Howard

I order to allow enough light in to expose the image properly; the shutter has to be left open longer. Unfortunately without the use of a tripod it is most likely you will have a picture that is not “Tack Sharp”.

Copyright© 2007 Kirk Howard

I was forced to hand hold my camera and hold my breath as I tried to capture a properly exposed image… You win some, you lose some…

Copyright© 2007 Kirk Howard

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