Jay Tyrrell, Wind Army

What’s in a name? Well I have been inspired and intrigued by one of my coworkers. He is an older gentleman that has been working for my company for a few years. I really have just met him.

One day while he was standing looking out one of the large plate glass windows, I approached him. I was just curious to inspect what had caught his eye on the San Francisco Bay. There was a large Norwegian flagged container ship passing in front of our office building. On this container ship were very large blades of those ginormous wind turbines that you would see stalking the windy hills and ridges of the East Bay.

It turns out that this co-worker is an avid photographer. He specializes in large format panoramic images. He is still shooting on film. He has been shooting with one particular camera for years. He says “It’s perfect for the type of shot I am trying to capture”. “The camera gives me more of a cinematographer feel of an elongated movie screen”.

He is working on a series called Wind Army. It is a compilation of Images that he has taken of wind turbines at various wind farms. He was interested in the ship carrying the blades from a turbine, because he said it would fit in his Wind Army series.

You can check out more of the images of Jays “Wind Army” series on his website. Plus you can check out some of his other work there as well. You can also check out Jay’s work on LensWork DVD: LensWork Extended – 72

Website: Jay Tyrrell

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