New House Rules

We have some new rules in our house concerning the use of my camera. It turns out that my wife is tired of us going somewhere and I abandon her. I would say in my defense “I don’t abandon you; you choose not to participate in my fun.”

It turns out that I do abandon my wife. My wife and I like to spend a lot of time outdoors. In the years past we spent most of our free time on the beach. We used to live on the beach in Southern California. Now we live in Northern California and we hike the local hills around our home, or spend time in San Francisco off the beaten path.

However my wife had created a Pavlovian response, when I grabbed my camera bag she would break out in hives and foam at the mouth. She would do this because when my eye is in the view finder I forget about time and space. She says that I have been known to stay in one spot for hours. It wasn’t until she brought this to my attention did I realize that she was right.

The new rules:

1. Whenever we go out side to do something together, the camera and all my gear stays at home.
2. If I choose to take photography gear, I go alone.
3. Only special vacation trips will I be allowed to take my photography gear.

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