Inspector Gadget

Sometimes I don’t get to shoot as often as I like. I read somewhere, some time ago, that most great photographers’ take pictures everyday. I guess this is true with everything we do. You can’t be come a Tiger Woods playing a round or two on the weekends. You have to do something related to your skill, interest or sport every day.

The most likely place for me to shoot would be on my way to and from work. I walk from the Embarcadero BART station to the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I don’t carry my bag of tricks with me to my real job… so I miss numerous opportunities to take some memorable images. If you walk by me on my way to or from work, you may hear me murmuring something along the lines “only if I had my camera.”

Since I don’t carry my gear I am stuck with my camera phone. I have a Motorola Slvr mobile phone. This phone has a lot to be desired when it comes to a camera. I guess it was designed first to be a phone, and way down the line to be a camera. If I wanted a camera first I am sure my Nikon would ring when my wife need me to stop at the store.

A few months ago I bought my wife a new pocket camera. We wanted something with a zoom and that would deliver great images, we chose the Panasonic DMC-TZ3K. This is a great little camera. It features a 10x optical zoom and a 7.1 MP image. A nice added feature is the image stabilization when you are on unstable surfaces or at the greatest focal length.

We took this little camera to Guatemala in August. We decided it wasn’t best to take all my gear with us to a third world country. We were afraid that someone may want my camera gear more that I did. However, this Panasonic DMC-TZ3K was big enough to cover the subject, but small enough to keep it interesting. I was very pleased with the results.

Photo by: Kirk Howard Copyright© 2007

If I could change a few things I would give it more manual controls. That is why I may pick up the Panasonic DMC-LX2K or the Leica DLUX-3. Theses two cameras are exactly the same. They are just $150.00 in a price difference.

What’s that ringing…? Excuse me Chief it’s my shoe… It could be 99…
– Maxwell Smart

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